Sustainable Innovation

At PLANTLAB®, we believe the benefits of leading a more plant-based lifestyle stretch beyond personal well-being. We present raw vegan cuisine and plant-based cooking not only as an alternative approach to food preparation but as part of a larger, more sustainable food movement. Along with the nutritional advantages, our students are encouraged to consider what a plant-centric diet means for the environment. This includes waste reduction, reduced energy and water consumption, and a higher likelihood of supporting sustainable farming practices.

Outside of our classrooms, we will continue to provide high-level education on what it means to live a “conscious/green” life. Through our blog and social media outlets we hope to provide content that fully encompasses the impact of what you are putting in, on, and around your body and how it relates to you, your peers, and the Earth. With a better understanding of veganism and the environment and the effects that follow product purchase and consumption, we can promote a positive shift within our communities that will be better for the environment.

We also believe in practicing what we preach. Our facilities and daily classes were built and structured with sustainability in mind. We focus on minimizing waste, while recycling, composting, and locally sourcing ingredients whenever possible. We keep things digital instead of printing and utilize eco-efficient materials in each of our Academies to keep in line with our commitment to our values as a "green/conscious" business.