PlantLab quadruples production area in existing location

25 August 2021

15,000 square meters for vegetables and herb production in indoor farm

Amsterdam (The Netherlands), August 25, 2021 – PlantLab, the pioneer in indoor farming, is significantly expanding its Dutch production location. Beginning in November, almost 15,000 square meters will be available in Amsterdam for growing vegetables and herbs, such as tomatoes, cucumber, basil, and mint. This means that the company's capacity in the capital of The Netherlands will increase almost fourfold.

PlantLab is currently utilizing 4,000 square meters at the former IBM factory, located at the Johan Huizingalaan presently known as B. Smart City Hub, for growing crops under ideal conditions. Another 11,000 square meters are under construction. The drive to expand is fueled, among other things, by the favorable logistics surrounding Amsterdam.

Scale-up production

Michiel Peters, CEO of PlantLab, is very excited about this expansion. “This will enable us to provide even more people close to the location here in Amsterdam with very fresh food soon after harvesting. We will be scaling up the cultivation of tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, and various types of lettuce. This will allow us to supply online supermarket Picnic, who is literally our neighbor, and wholesaler Van Gelder fruit & vegetables on a larger scale than we do now. Also, we can further optimize our technology."

This technology makes it possible to grow anywhere in the world, even on infertile soil or in the middle of urban areas. Thanks to temperature, moisture, and light regulation, the crops grow to their full potential, while requiring 95 percent less water and using no chemical pesticides. Light comes from specially developed LEDs, which provide the specific color of light the plant needs for photosynthesis. "This eliminates the need to transport food over long distances, which leads directly to reduced CO2 emissions, lower costs, and less food waste," Peters said.

Largest indoor farm

The B. Smart City Hub where PlantLab is located is, as the adjacent B. Amsterdam, an initiative and property of Timeless Investments. Managing partner Bas van Veggel is pleased with PlantLab's growth. "This production location where crops are grown all year, fits perfectly with our ambition to shape the innovation district of Amsterdam in and around B. Amsterdam. PlantLab is a leader in the industry and we congratulate them warmly on this beautiful expansion that makes it the largest indoor farm in Europe." Colliers is acting on behalf of Timeless Investments for the lease of this property.

PlantLabs R&D center is located in Den Bosch, the world's largest in the field of indoor farming, and runs a commercial production location in Amsterdam. In addition to Amsterdam, PlantLab has a production location in Indianapolis, in the American state of Indiana. The scale-up will soon begin cultivating in the Bahamas and Curaçao and later this year expand further in the US.

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About PlantLab

PlantLab specializes in technology for innovative indoor farming, the sustainable food supply chain of the future. The company was founded in 2010 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch and now employs over 80 people with the goal of optimizing the production of food for our planet. Over the last 10 years, the company has invested € 50 million in the development of technology that makes it possible to grow healthy, fresh vegetables which are harvested daily close to the consumer anywhere in the world. These crops are grown in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner without the use of pesticides while at the same time reducing water consumption to an absolute minimum. Enough crops can be grown on an area no larger than two football fields to supply a city of 100,000 residents with 200 grams of fresh vegetables every day. Being that the new technology has the ability to be implemented worldwide, we can radically shorten the traditional supply chain. The benefits include: superior product quality, longer shelf life, less food waste, and minimal CO2 emissions or issues associated with long-distance transport. PlantLab aims to make its technology accessible to all and thus bringing flavourful, fresh and sustainably grown produce to everyone within reach.

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