PlantLab and Syngenta sign worldwide license agreement

22 October 2021

World-leading technology available for all parties

's-Hertogenbosch (the Netherlands), 22 October 2021 - PlantLab, the Dutch indoor farming pioneer, has signed a worldwide license agreement with Syngenta, the international market leader in crop protection. 

“This license agreement again confirms the true strength of the PlantLab patents for indoor farming”, explains Michiel Peters, CEO of PlantLab. “Our worldwide leading technology is accessible for all national and international companies and this licensing agreement underpins this. PlantLab would like to play an important role in helping to solve the world's food problems. We invite others to help resolve this.”

PlantLab and Syngenta will not disclose financial and proprietary details regarding this license agreement.

About PlantLab

PlantLab specializes in technologies for innovative indoor farming, the food supply of the future. The company was founded in 2010 in Den Bosch with its goal to fundamentally improve the world's food system. Over the past ten years, PlantLab invested over € 50 million in the development of its technology to grow fresh and healthy vegetables anywhere, close to consumers, with minimal environmental impact, without chemical pesticides, and with radically lower water consumption. An area of only two football fields is sufficient to grow 200 grams of fresh vegetables for a city of a hundred thousand inhabitants, every day. Because this new technology works everywhere and all the time, a radically shorter supply chain can be realized all year round with real advantages: superior product quality, longer shelf life, greatly reduced food waste, virtually no CO2 emissions, or long-distance transportation. PlantLab will make its technology accessible to everyone and thereby make tasty, fresh, and sustainable food available to everyone.

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