Payment Options

How do I enroll and pay for my classes?
Select the desired course, location, and date from the Curriculum page. You will then create an account and complete the purchase online. Our Education Team will then be in touch with you shortly afterward to confirm your enrollment and provide you with the next steps.
When will I be charged for my classes?
Payment is due when you enroll in a class. Please note that most of our onsite courses do have deadlines. In most instances, we do not offer day-of enrollments. By completing the Enrollment Process and providing payment, your space in the class is secured.
Do we offer Scholarships?
At this time, we do not offer any scholarships for our programs.
Are there any Financial Aid Programs available?
We do not provide any internal financial aid programs for our Academy. Because PLANTLAB is 100% vegan and a non-accredited educational platform, typically our programs are not available for outside funding such as bank loans, GI Bills, or ESAs. Contact if you have more questions.
Do you have a Work Exchange program?
We do not offer any work exchange programs in exchange for tuition. A wide variety of students will volunteer at the Academy for additional experience.
Can I pay by Cash?
We do not accept payment the day of class and prefer payment by credit or bank transfer.
Can I make payment using my Debit Card or Credit Card?
We accept all major credit cards. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. International credit cards are also accepted.
Do you accept PayPal?
We do accept tuition payment by PayPal.
Can I process a Bank Transfer?
We do accept bank transfers for tuition payment. Please complete the Enrollment Process and select 'Bank Transfer' as your form of payment. The admissions team will be in touch with additional bank details.
Do you offer Payment Plans?
We do offer a range of payment plans. Please note, all culinary programs must be paid for in full before the start date of your course. Please contact the Admissions Team for more details.