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Pamela Salzman is a full-time natural food cooking instructor, food blogger, and certified holistic health counselor residing in Manhattan Beach, California with her husband and three children. Pamela has loved food ever since she can remember and strives to share her approach to nutrition through her natural foods cooking classes.

PLANTLAB is thrilled to partner with such passionate talent to create content that will change the way people feed their families. Pamela’s expertise in family cooking and integrative nutrition will contribute to the creation of three amazing courses launching this Fall on the PLANTLAB Online platform. The self-paced online courses will include comforting weeknight recipes, plant-based pantry staples, Pamela's kitchen tips + tricks, nutritious back to school lunchbox recipes, and more.

  • PLANTLAB Culinary Pamela Salzman Flax Pancakes
  • PLANTLAB Culinary Pamela Salzman in the Kitchen
  • PLANTLAB Culinary Pamela Salzman Turmeric Cauliflower


Pamela Salzman has loved good food and enjoyed cooking for as long as she can remember. She bought her first cookbook in the second grade (she'll never forget the title, “The Calling All Girls Party Cookbook!”), and found her way into the kitchen as much as she could. As a child, while other kids were at the playground, she was helping her father in the garden, watering plants and vines and watching miracles happen.

It wasn’t until Salzman was an adult that she learned more about the nourishing and healing power of food. While volunteering for a non-profit, teaching children about nutrition and gardening, she realized that there were some major fundamental problems with the way kids and adults were eating and the lack of knowledge about what real food was. Out of a desire to educate families and create delicious, health-focused recipes that could be enjoyed by anyone, Salzman's culinary journey began. In addition to teaching approachable cooking classes and writing about food and nutrition, Salzman spends her time developing amazing family-friendly dishes that are as good for your body as they are good to eat!