The most advanced onsite plant-based culinary education in state-of-the-art kitchen academies.

PLANTLAB Onsite Academies Students Receiving Instruction at Venice Kitchen
Our mission at PLANTLAB is to bring plant-based cooking classes to students throughout the world. Our global kitchens give us the ability to provide top-tier culinary education with intimate, personalized training from qualified instructors. Each class is designed to combine the classic building blocks of culinary instruction with innovative techniques. Our classes use professional-grade equipment such as the Pacojet, turning slicers, smoking gun, sous vide, anti-griddle, and more. At PLANTLAB, each student works in their own individual station with access to the tools needed to execute high-level dishes.

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The Benefits

Courses Lead by Professional Instructors
PLANTLAB Onsite Academies Cheese Plate Construction

Raw vegan and plant-based dining are on the rise, creating a high demand for refined and relevant culinary instruction. PLANTLAB Academy’s onsite programs offer students many advantages.

- Study at one of our global, state-of-the-art kitchens, immersing yourself in local food and flavors.

- Learn flavor and texture balancing, basic and advanced knife skills, artful plating, and more, all in an intimate classroom setting.

- Have access to renowned instructors and mentors who can offer assistance in every step of the learning process.

- Work in your own individual station with access to professional-grade equipment.

- Collaborate with a unique and diverse group of creatives.

- Join an ever-growing, network of program graduates. Easily connect with other rising talents within the industry.

PLANTLAB Onsite Academies Los Angeles Skyline

Los Angeles

PLANTLAB Culinary Venice truly represents the best of what California has to offer. Cool breezes, sunny beaches and access to some of the best farmers’ markets in the west create a relaxed, yet focused learning environment for all students looking to expand their knowledge of plant-based cuisine. A longtime cultural hub and attraction, Venice brings together some of the most eclectic art, fashion, and food in Los Angeles. Just a short walk from the ocean, the active community embraces the Southern California lifestyle with beach volleyball, yoga, street festivals and an abundance of the region’s finest ingredients.

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PLANTLAB Onsite Academies New York Skyline

New York

New York City is a worldwide mecca for music, performing arts, and culinary craft. The city boasts over 10,000 restaurants featuring every type of cuisine imaginable. More than 140 of those restaurants are vegan, making NYC one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world. Students at our New York PLANTLAB Culinary Academy will have access to some of the highest-level plant-based cooking courses and are exposed to some of the most innovative restaurants and chefs in the world, providing the perfect environment for inspiring truly unique plant-based dishes. 

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GLOBAL Academy

Barcelona, Spain is home to incredible architecture and fine art, including tremendous culinary art. This cosmopolitan city is bustling with cutting-edge and progressive plant-based cuisine. In Barcelona, one can shop at vegan markets, dine at one of the many eco-friendly restaurants, and end the day at a vegetarian bar. Barcelona has been a fine-dining trendsetting city for years, and today continues to transform the culinary world with its growing focus on health-consciousness and vegan cuisine. Students at our Barcelona PLANTLAB Academy experience a vegan community like no other with its unique Spanish flavor and flair.
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Culture, fashion, and entertainment are often what bring people from all over the world to Milan, with world-class cuisine being a fundamental part of the culture. Milan, Italy is home to rustic trattorias and prestigious Michelin-starred restaurants—truly a worldwide fine-dining destination. Vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants are easy to find, serving dishes from vegan pasta to plant-based gelato. Milan is a culinary capital that is becoming increasingly green and sustainable. Students at our PLANTLAB Culinary location in Milan experience the dynamic and sophisticated food culture that sets it apart from the rest of the country.
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Toronto, Canada is a melting pot rich with locally and internationally-inspired art and food. This stimulating city is home to several vegan and vegetarian events including several farmers markets that are open all year round, many of which are organic-only. From food trucks to fine dining, the number of vegan restaurant options in Toronto is plentiful, and living a plant-based lifestyle is easy in this vibrant community. As one of the most multicultural cities in the world, Toronto provides a myriad of ethnic food experiences for PLANTLAB Culinary students. We are pleased to offer plant-based education in the lively atmosphere that only Toronto can provide.
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Course Offerings


Our full-time programs allow for culinary intensive training, each lesson building upon the previous skills learned, for a strong foundation that allows for mastery of more advanced techniques. Along with our cutting-edge classroom design, our small class sizes allow for personalized, tailored instruction and a truly hands-on experience. Students will leave with the tools to create innovative, healthy, plant-based cuisine furthering their professional goals or transforming their personal lifestyle. Our full-time courses range from one week to four weeks in length. 


Perfect for the working professional, our Night Classes offer a more approachable schedule than our full-time onsite courses. Each evening will consist of recipes and exercises that present the opportunity to master new techniques and challenges that are valuable in both home and professional kitchens. These week-long programs provide a specialized, comprehensive education that will enhance any level of culinary training, without requiring a serious time commitment.


Workshops are a great way to discover the breadth of training PLANTLAB offers—preparation and storage of fermented foods, sports nutrition, knife skills, the basics of raw chocolate and raw bread, and more—but in a way that is highly accessible for busy students. These weekend classes offer a unique opportunity to learn functional skills to incorporate into your plant-based cooking, whether you already working in a professional kitchen or preparing meals for your family.


PLANTLAB Onsite Academies Students Completing Culinary Projects in Classroom Kitchen


With online and onsite courses running year-round, students are easily able to find the right programs for their schedule and location. Click to view our full 2018 calendar and feel free to reach out to with any questions.