The first classically structured, online plant-based culinary education program

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Students from around the world can access classically-structured, plant-based culinary training from the comfort of their kitchen with the PLANTLAB Online Academy. The program’s extensive, refined living cuisine instruction is based on the classic building blocks of culinary programs, providing the tools to execute innovative plant-based cuisine at the highest level. A combination of high-quality videos, direct feedback from qualified instructors, and a global community creates the foundation for each of our comprehensive online courses. Each class teaches and refines specific skills while giving students the space to develop and pursue personal creative projects. The online format allows for original content that may not be available at our on-site facilities, such as in-depth studies of organic farming, the availability of sustainable produce, and access to guest lecturers from all over the globe.

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The Benefits

Flexibility to learn from anywhere
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Whether you are looking to expand upon an existing chef skill set or starting from the ground-up with plant-based culinary education, the PLANTLAB Online Academy offers several advantages in addition to world-class training.

  • Easy access from around the globe.
  • Flexible schedules within set program dates – choose when to complete lessons and assignments.
  • Work from home in the familiarity of your kitchen (equipment requirements vary by course).
  • Connection to an online community and alumni network that includes restaurant owners, high-profile chefs, wellness experts, social media influencers, and more!


Quality culinary education is at your fingertips with an easy-to-use digital platform that transforms your kitchen into a classroom. Each course is a blend of in-depth reading material, video demonstrations, and structured assignments to provide you with unmatched raw vegan or cooked plant-based training. While you connect and share ideas with classmates, our experienced instructors consistently offer personalized aid and feedback, creating a classroom-like atmosphere wherever you are in the world.


Made-up of students from around the world, our online courses create tight-knit communities of people eager to grow in the plant-based space, each with a unique perspective and style of cooking. You will have the opportunity to enrich your abilities by learning from the stories and skills shared by other aspiring chefs. With support and inspiration from other classmates, you will find our online classes provide a one-of-a-kind educational experience not available anywhere else.  

Featured Courses

Level 1: Fundamentals of Raw
Created in association with Matthew Kenney, PLANTLAB's Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine teaches the basic principles and techniques of raw, plant-based food preparation in one month of onsite, instructor-led training.
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Level 1: Fundamentals of Cooking
Level 1: Fundamentals of Cooking teaches principal cooking methods as they apply to plant-based meal preparation in an intensive month-long onsite course.
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Raw Desserts
Raw Desserts teaches the fundamentals of plant-based pastry—from the process of creating basic raw desserts to adaptations of classic desserts—in a one-week intensive course.
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Instructors and Culinary Team

PLANTLAB Online Academy Student-Created Vegan Tostadas


At the core of our academy, there is a team of passionate, qualified culinary instructors who heavily invest their time in each student's training. Each online instructor understands the value of the PLANTLAB coursework because everyone is a graduate of the program. They provide in-depth feedback and valuable insight on every assignment, creating a challenging and rewarding learning experience.

  • Direct feedback and personalized guidance
  • The flexibility to make adjustments based on student needs, such as ingredient availability by location
  • Support and encouragement over the entirety of the course


Instructors guide students through every single recipe step to make sure they produce the very best results. This includes help with balancing flavors, achieving correct textures, and troubleshooting challenges. Instructors welcome all questions to ensure students are comfortable in their lessons and empower them with the confidence to create gourmet plant-based cuisine on their own and share their knowledge with others.

PLANTLAB Online Academy Cheese Plate Construction


The PLANTLAB academy is the world’s first classically structured raw and plant-based culinary school. We offer our on-site and online cooking classes to students around the globe. From in-depth multi-week classes to weekend intensives, there are many options for all types of students looking to expand their culinary skills. Our admissions team can walk you through the investment required for each course and share several payment options designed to support your goals.