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Inspired by her family's love of desserts and her boundless creativity, Lore Salas left her job as a math teacher and came to the United States to explore the culinary arts. After completing pastry school in Houston and studying raw cuisine at PLANTLAB, Lore created Dates & Avocados for everyone with a sweet tooth. She believes that everyone has a right to guilt-free, healthy, and nutritious desserts. To her, sweets made with whole, organic, plant-based ingredients, and without refined sweeteners, are the most satisfying treats of all. After years honing her craft, Lore now lives her life between China and Barcelona, putting the knowledge she's acquired to use creating delicious, beautiful, and healthy desserts for restaurants and cafes around the world. She expresses her artistic side through her creations and photos, sharing her passion through Instagram, her website, and upcoming courses and cookbooks.

PLANTLAB is thrilled to partner with such innovative talent to create content that will change the way people think about desserts. The collaboration will include three robust online courses that will include delectable recipes, decorating tips & tricks, innovative methods Lore has developed over years in the space, and more. The new content is expected to launch on the PLANTLAB Online Platform in Spring of 2019.

  • PLANTLAB Culinary Lore Salas White Chocolate Blueberry Cake
  • PLANTLAB Culinary Lorena Salas Making Almond Milk
  • PLANTLAB Culinary Lorena Salas Rhubarb Crumble


Dessert was always an important part of Lore Salas' family's life; both she and her father had a sizable sweet tooth. Like him, Lore believed that no special occasion was truly special without a great dessert. But he also taught her balance and the importance of a healthy integrated lifestyle, advocating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables as well as the avid pursuit of sports and physical activity—a lesson that stuck with her throughout her culinary training.

Lore was raised in Barcelona, the city she still loves best. Since she was little, she had had a passion for art and a talent for numbers. Lore studied civil engineering and for a few years taught math; however, she was not satisfied. It seemed her true calling lay elsewhere. Lore moved to the US in 2015, attending pastry school in Houston before completing Levels 1: Raw - Level 4: Raw at PLANTLAB.