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PLANTLAB's® guide to finding the best courses for you. Whether you are looking to enhance your personal skills, develop a career as a plant-based chef, or create a business in the plant-based space, we have a path for you!
      • PLANTLAB Culinary Student at the Farmer's Market

        Personal Enrichment

        Grow your culinary skill-set with a range of creative and technical challenges

        Connect with like-minded individuals from around the globe and inspire each other

        Experienced professional chefs providing approachable recipes for your home

        What classes should I start with?
        Weekend Workshops Onsite

        Self-Paced Online Courses
      • PLANTLAB Culinary Knife Technique Demo on Cooked Zucchini

        Career Development

        Specialized courses created by chefs and wellness experts for real-world application

        Opportunites to network with professionals and develop your business and CV

        Join an extensive network of alumni making their mark in the plant-based space

        What classes should I start with?
        Full-time Intensive Onsite

        Supported Online Courses
      • PLANTLAB Culinary Students Prepping Mise en Place in Kitchen Classroom

        Professional Training

        Structured classical curriculum format to ensure retention and mastery of each skill

        Adhere to a professional culinary atmosphere in world-class kitchens

        Learn from a team of passionate, qualified instructors from around the world

        What classes should I start with?
        Full-time Intensive Onsite

        Supported Online Courses

Different types of Course Offerings

A variety of options to fit your needs:

  • Full-Time Intensive Onsite

    Comprehensive training at our professional state-of-the-art kitchens

    Hands-on instruction and support from our experienced instructors

    Premier permanent locations in Los Angeles & New York. Global pop-up kitchens

    View Onsite Programs

  • Weekend Workshops Onsite

    Perfect way to discover what the PLANTLAB® curriculum has to offer

    Highly accessible for those with busy schedules looking to expand their skillset in one area

    Great for family and friend outtings or business parties

    View Weekend Workshops

  • Instructor-Supported Online Courses

    Access world-class culinary training from anywhere in the world

    Bi-weekly calls with PLANTLAB® instructors for interactive support

    Connect with a global community to challenge and inspire one another

    Supported Online Courses

  • Self-Paced Online Courses

    Robust training that is flexible to most any schedule

    Extensive digital content for comprehensive instruction

    Variety of introductory programs and recipe content to expand your culinary foundation

    Self-Paced Online Courses

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