About us

We deliver the freshest produce through our custom-built Plant Production Units which we develop and operate ourselves.


The Next Generation of Growing

Already since the early nineties, we want to make an impact on how the world is fed. Merging our knowledge on plant physiology with mathematical models and state-of-the-art technology has led to our first indoor farm-prototype in 2005. In the years that followed we improved the prototype, resulting in our ‘Plant Production Units’ (PPUs) as we know them now: completely closed growing environments that create a ‘Plant Paradise®’ for crops by optimizing and controlling all natural growing conditions. We incorporated PlantLab in 2010.

Since then, we have been developing and operating multiple custom-built indoor farms at commercial scale worldwide and focus on delivering the freshest produce to our customers. These PPUs require fewer environmental inputs than conventional and organic farms and can basically be located everywhere, enabling self-sufficiency and access to affordable fresh produce even at places where production is normally not possible. The controlled growing environment also allows producing consistently fresh and safe produce with a unique nutritional and tasting profile. Our hyper-local, resource-efficient model is one that can be swiftly replicated in key urban areas, offering:

  • Reliable and clean, local fresh produce
  • Guaranteed production with outstanding quality, shelf-like and look
  • Production at any volume and location, with the right product specs and cost-price, without pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, guaranteed
  • A new distribution chain without waste of fresh produce (compared to more than 50% waste in the current distribution chain)