Our Plant Paradise can help feed everyone on the planet.
Grown locally. Plant friendly.

sustainable, high quality, from food miles to food steps, no pesticides, local for local, secure and safe


The Next Generation of Growing

PlantLab is on a mission to change the way the world is fed. We develop and operate custom-built indoor farms that we call 'Plant Production Units' (PPUs) worldwide. These PPUs require fewer inputs than conventional / organic farms and provide our growing world population with fresh produce that is safe, affordable, tastier and more nutritious.

Our hyper-local, resource-efficient model is one that can be swiftly replicated in key urban areas, offering:

Reliable and clean, local fresh produce
Guaranteed production with outstanding quality, shelf-life and look
Production at any volume and location, with the right product specs and cost-price, without pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, guaranteed
A new distribution chain without waste of fresh produce (compared to more than 50% waste in the current distribution chain)