PLANTLAB® was founded with the intention of promoting conscious, sustainable living through top-tier culinary and wellness education. Our plant-based culinary school teaches the art of organic, unprocessed, vegan cooking while encouraging our students to consider the broader benefits that stem from a "green" lifestyle. A combination of classical culinary training and modern techniques, ensures our alumni feel empowered to pursue their culinary goals and share their knowledge with their community.

PLANTLAB Culinary Student Plating Vegan Cheese Dish with Various Plant-Based Ingredients


PLANTLAB® is a premier education platform comprised of a collective of passionate, like-minded individuals who share a common ethos in providing transformative plant-based culinary and wellness education.

With world-class onsite facilities and an interactive online education platform, PLANTLAB® provides a resource network for those embracing a sustainable plant-based lifestyle. 

We will continue to leverage our influence to reach global markets and set benchmarks for plant-based techniques, dynamic content, and culinary ingenuity.


Our onsite and online curriculums are founded on three pillars which we believe encompass the foundations of leading a more conscious plant-based lifestyle. Aligned with a world swiftly embracing the need to go "green", we provide our students with approachable and alternative transformative tools. 

Students from around the world study with PLANTLAB® while learning to execute innovative raw and cooked cuisine at the highest level. PLANTLAB® Culinary’s extensive, refined instruction is based on structured and classic building blocks of culinary programs coupled with experience and passion.