Our Plant Paradise can help feed everyone on the planet. Grown locally. Plant friendly.

Sustainable, high quality, from food miles to food steps, no pesticides, local for local, secure and safe.

About us


The Next Generation of Growing

PlantLab wants to make an impact on how the world is fed. We develop and operate custom-built indoor farms that we call 'Plant Production Units' (PPUs) worldwide. These PPUs require fewer inputs than conventional / organic farms and provide our growing world population with fresh produce that is safe, affordable, tastier and more nutritious.


Locally grown, global benefits

Our hyper-local, resource-efficient indoor farms can be swiftly replicated in key distribution areas. This means we can grow fresh produce near the consumers and distribution centers at a scale that matches local demand. We can do this irrespective of climate, location, season and time of the day, and without the environmental costs of traditional farming.


The freshest produce

With our complete closed harvest and supply chain system we can bring fresh produce within 24 hours from harvest to store. This prevents loss of nutrients and flavor, whereby our produce has superior flavor profiles, nutritional value, and outstanding quality compared to any other product on the market.


Reliable and clean

At PlantLab, we aim to provide the purest produce possible: we use non-GMO seeds and our closed growing environment ensures that the crops are not susceptible to pests and diseases, eliminating the need for pesticides. Additionally, our products and PPUs regularly undergo strict food safety controls to avoid foodborne diseases.

About us

Already since the early nineties, we want to make an impact on how the world is fed. We develop and operate custom-built indoor farms at commercial scale worldwide and focus on delivering the freshest produce to our customers.

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Press articles

3 October 2017

A visit to PlantLab: Vertical farming's best kept secret?

Stacked layers with leafy greens in fully controlled units; some call it the future of farming. While opinions are divided if all that fancy lettuce will indeed solve world hunger, at PlantLab they are convinced that controlled environment agriculture can introduce groundshaking revolutions to our food system. But how viable is this relatively new industry? And what does a patent have to do with it? Highest time to figure out and pay a visit to PlantLab ourselves.

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31 January 2019

Van Gelder fruits & vegetables and PlantLab establish indoor farming collaboration

Foodservice supplier Van Gelder and indoor farming specialist PlantLab have entered into a partnership to produce various types of fresh vegetables in PlantLab’s fully controlled Plant Production Units (PPUs).

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Great place to work

A fun, multidisciplinary team of plant scientists, engineers, commercial growers and enthusiasts is looking forward welcoming you to work together on the next generation of growing and to take part in our ping-pong competitions, joint lunches and other great company activities.

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