The first classically structured, online plant-based culinary education program

The PLANTLAB Online Academy offers students from all over the world the opportunity to study plant-based cuisine in their home kitchen. The program’s extensive, refined living cuisine instruction is based on the classic building blocks of culinary programs, enabling students to execute innovative plant-based cuisine at the highest level. Integrated videos, an interactive platform, and direct instructor feedback create the ideal platform to build a culinary foundation and grow in more advanced courses. The curriculum’s fresh approach teaches specific skills in each course, but also gives students the space to develop and pursue their own creative projects. The online format allows for original content that may be impossible with on-site facilities, such as in depth studies of organic farming, harvesting plant-based products, and guest lecturers from around the world.

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The Benefits

The PLANTLAB Online Academy meets the rapidly growing global demand for plant-based culinary instruction. Here are just a few of the benefits for online students:

  • Easy access from around the globe
  • Flexible schedules within set program dates – choose when to complete lessons and assignments
  • Work from home with the familiarity of your own space and outfit your kitchen with the necessary equipment
  • The ability to share completed work with friends and family, further expanding student culinary passion and lifestyle into local communities
  • Connection to online community and graduates

The classroom is brought to your home with PLANTLAB’s visually stunning and clear videos, printable content and educational infographics. Instructor feedback on photographic assignments and collaborating with fellow classmates creates a fun and insightful experience and provides inspiration through connecting different minds from all over the world.


PLANTLAB strives to bridge the gap between culinary art and nutrition while creating a community. Online students receive and respond to instructor feedback, they can also follow along with the work of their classmates. Access to this diverse online community advances the collective creativity of the class. Viewing others’ assignments inspires future work, and is a great way for the class to learn and support each other. The program welcomes students with a range of skill, from advanced chefs to beginners. Online classes bring together a myriad of cultures and backgrounds, presenting a perfect opportunity to expand the mind and learn from each other.


Review the PLANTLAB Online Programs

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Level 1: Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine and Level 1: Fundamentals of Plant-Based Cooking
Core programs offer students a comprehensive training in the principles of the art of plant-based cuisine. Both raw and cooked courses train students in understanding and executing basic techniques in recipes and applying them in their own creations as well. Duration: 12 weeks per course.

Level 2: Advanced Raw Cuisine
This course focuses on a contemporary and creative approach to plant-based cuisine, using advanced techniques and equipment. After the foundation has been laid in the earlier courses, the curriculum progresses into more elaborate recipes and students start to view cooking from a business perspective. Duration: 12 weeks.

Culinary Nutrition
Focusing on the nutritional aspects and facts about plant-based foods, this course introduces different views and perspectives on plant-based nutrition, along with the recipes and guidelines to incorporate them into their lives. Duration: 12 Weeks.

Essentials of Superfoods
Including both raw and cooked recipes, this month-long lifestyle course teaches students how to integrate superfoods into their daily lives and introduces recipes in a fun and delicious way. Guest instructor Julie Morris from Navitas Naturals shares her experience on superfoods. Duration: 6 Weeks.

Sports Nutrition and Elite Sports Nutrition
Professional endurance athlete Brendan Brazier, the bestselling author of the Thrive book series and formulator of the award-winning line of plant-based Vega nutritional products, shares the principles of plant-based nutrition that made him an Ironman and two-time Canadian 50K ultramarathon champion. Building on the fundamental lessons and techniques learned in the Sports Nutrition program. Elite Sports Nutrition helps students transcend athletic goals and reach a brand new level of fitness and vitality. Duration:  6 Weeks Per Course

Plant-Based Desserts
Students learn fundamental techniques to execute handcrafted fabulous desserts, without relying on unhealthy fats and refined sugars.  We have long believed that desserts are the best way to get people interested in raw cuisine and the surest way to “sneak” healthier alternatives into the diet.  This course delivers valuable skills for any level of experience. Duration: 3 Week

Instructors and Culinary Team

In addition to the course material, the PLANTLAB professional culinary instructors set the program apart from most other online cooking classes. Instructors provide individual student feedback on each assignment, bringing consistency, encouragement and a challenging and rewarding learning experience. All PLANTLAB Online instructors are graduates of the program, and have experienced PLANTLAB's unique form of culinary education firsthand. The benefits of this model are self evident:

  • Direct feedback and individual guidance
  • The flexibility to make adjustments based on student needs, such as location ingredient substitutes
  • Encouragement and support

Instructors guide students through every single recipe step to make sure they produce the very best results. This includes help with balancing flavors, achieving correct textures, and troubleshooting challenges. Instructors welcome all questions to ensure students are comfortable in their lessons, and empower them with the confidence to create gourmet plant-based cuisine on their own, and to share their knowledge with others.

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