Elite Plant-Based Sports Nutrition


In Elite Sports Nutrition, professional endurance athlete Brendan Brazier builds upon the lessons and techniques taught in Sports Nutrition to help you transcend your athletic goals and reach a brand new level of fitness and vitality. Whether your interest is in strength training, endurance training, or achieving your ideal weight, Brendan will guide you through specialized lessons focused on topics such as body composition, lean muscle, advanced recovery techniques, energy systems, elite meal plans, metabolism-boosting foods, increasing mental focus, periodization and goal setting. Designed with vegan athletes in mind, students graduating from this series take away the skills, training and knowledge to help them achieve breakthrough performances, optimal health and longevity in sport.

Prerequisite: Sports Nutrition with Brendan Brazier

Recipes + Skills
  • The 4 Components of Vitality
  • pH levels and optimal health & performance
  • Return on investment: more effective training
  • Energy systems and training specificity
  • Training & nutrition periodization
  • Mental component of training
  • Performance nutrition strategies
  • Raising VO2 Max
  • Causes of fatigue
  • Accelerating recovery
“I’ve had such a positive experience thanks to my Sports Nutrition & Elite Sports Nutrition courses. It has opened up new doors, inspiring me to pursue my own nutrient dense ventures. I truly appreciated the quality of support, knowledge, and guidance from my instructors. I’d like the opportunity to inspire others as they did for me.”
— Sports Nutrition with Brendan Brazier + Elite Plant-Based Sports Nutrition student and Olympic Silver Medalist Jamie K.


Going even further in depth than the prerequisite Sports Nutrition course, students are introduced to the four components of vitality that will help them perform better in sport and in life. High-return exercise is discussed, including what it means to be smart about energy investment. Macronutrients, energy systems, nutrition timing and training of the mind are looked at in detail as they relate to optimizing training and recovery while minimizing the negative effects of exercise.


The second week of Elite Sports Nutrition introduces the Thrive Fitness Program. Students will determine whether they are training for endurance or strength and will be guided in developing an elite level training and nutrition plan based on their specific goals. The course concludes with a presentation of the training and nutrition plan that each student has developed.

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